Handheld Underwater Camera

Handheld Underwater Camera is specially used in shallow water with the advantages of compact in size and easy to carry. It is specially designed for shallow water breeding, field investigation and recreational fishery.


Shallow water observation: special equipment for shallow water observation within 4m, light in weight, small in size, easy to operate and carry;

Real time video: online real-time underwater video monitoring, the collected video automatically saved;

Technical parameter

Hand hold pole: 4m hand hold pole with 7m anti-corrosion cable

Pixel: 976 × 582 700TVL resolution

Illuminance: color 0.01LUX, black and white 0.001lux, color to black

Focal length: 4mm

Lighting: 5 LED lights, ≤ 500lux

Video storage: 16g TF Card

Screen resolution: 800 × 480

Size: 7 inches

Battery: 2 lithium batteries


This equipment is widely used in shallow water survey, aquaculture monitoring, river and lake monitoring.

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