Integrated lighting Digital Underwater Camera

Underwater digital HD network camera module, mainly used for underwater fixed point video monitoring


316L stainless steel watertight shell, equipped with 1080p HD digital color camera, fixed focus lens, to collect and transmit underwater real-time HD digital video.            

The video is transmitted to the computer or personal mobile phone through the network to monitor the underwater condition in real time.

 Ultra fine zero buoyancy cable can effectively reduce signal attenuation and transmit HD video. Kavras reinforcement layer is included to prevent camera loss.

RJ45 standard network cable interface, just through the ordinary network cable can be connected to the computer.

Technical parameter

Withstand voltage: underwater ≤ 50m (customized)

Weight: ≤ 1kg (excluding cable)

Shell material: corrosion resistant 316L stainless steel

Cable length: 15m (can be extended)

Image output: 1920 (H) x 1080 (V), 1080p Hd

Underwater viewing angle: about 75 ° x 50 °

Light color and illuminance: positive white, ≤ 500lux

Connecting line: RJ45 connecting line, line to line aviation socket;


Widely used in shallow water survey, aquaculture monitoring, river and lake monitoring, etc

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