Towed underwater camera

360 ° horizontal pan-and-tilt HD underwater camera, compact structure, easy to carry. It supports zoom, pull in and pull out functions, and is composed of underwater camera, control box and umbilical cable.


Rotating pan tilt: 360 ° pan tilt, supporting 4x optical zoom and 16x digital zoom.

Easy to carry: compact product structure, with battery, easy to carry.

Real time transmission: online real-time underwater video monitoring, the collected video is automatically saved.

Technical parameter

Working water depth: < 50m

Operating environment: it can be used in seawater and fresh water

Weight: 7kg (camera part) 

Size: Φ 156 × 230mm (excluding lighting)

Lens: 4x optical zoom, zoom speed ≤ 2S (wide-angle telescope); proximity 10-1500mm (wide-angle telescope), aperture f2.0

Pan tilt: 0 ° - 350 ° in horizontal direction, 0 ° - 90 ° in vertical direction, five-stage speed regulation            

Lighting LED: ≤ 700lux, five level dimming            

Battery: the battery can supply power for 4 hours (upper computer)            

Processor: Intel i5 processor, 4G memory, 100g hard disk


Seabed survey, hydropower dam monitoring, nuclear power intake monitoring, river and lake monitoring, etc.

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