Three in one digital underwater camera

Digital underwater camera underwater high-definition network camera is mainly used for underwater long-term fixed


Self cleaning lens: the underwater lens is automatically cleaned to reduce the maintenance of underwater camera and lighting lens

HD Video: 1080p underwater HD video.

Auxiliary lighting: deep water auxiliary lighting.

Fixed point observation: long time underwater fixed point observation.

Technical parameter

Withstand voltage: ≤ 50m (customized)

Weight: 3.5kg (excluding cable)

Shell material: corrosion resistant 316L stainless steel

Cable length: 15m (can be extended to 75m)

Image output: 1920 (H) x 1080 (V), 1080p Hd

Underwater viewing angle: about 75 ° x 50 ° 

Light color and illuminance: positive white, ≤ 1000lux

Cleaning angle: 0-140 °

Cleaning range: r30-95mm

Connecting line: RJ45 connecting line, line to line aviation socket; flange aviation socket; (one out of two)


Observation of marine pastures,  coral reefs, aquaculture, rivers and lakes

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