Wireless Underwater Camera

With a set of underwater observation equipment that can be used anytime and anywhere, you can get underwater pictures without going into the water in person. It is a necessary underwater observation equipment for every underwater shooting enthusiast. The underwater camera with its own lighting is placed in the water, and the control end is connected with the mobile app, so that underwater observation can be carried out anytime, anywhere. The optional 4m hand-held pole is more handy for your u


1080p high-definition image output, the product adopts Sony 1 / 2.9 "CMOS imaging element, which gives the photographer the most cost-effective experience.

5 high brightness LED lights are used for auxiliary lighting, which can meet the shooting requirements of different brightness waters, and the shooting effect is doubled.

The controller is the power bank, a large capacity battery, which can guarantee the equipment to run for 2-3 hours.

The humanized software design can record, take screenshots, and look back. The mobile phone is used as the viewing screen.

Technical parameter

Battery capacity: 7.4v * 3000mAh

Endurance: 2-3H

Cable: Standard 5m

Pressure resistance: maximum water depth of 10m

Weight: 1kg (in air, excluding cable)

Imaging element: Sony 1 / 2.9 "CMOS

Image output: 1920 (H) x 1080 (V), 1080p HD / 640 (H) x 480 (V), 480p smooth

Field angle: about 75 ° x 50 ° (underwater)

Transmission signal: WiFi signal

Shell material: aluminum alloy and POM

Interface: microusb charging, USB output (can be used as a charger to charge the mobile phone)


You can know the beauty of underwater without entering the water

Underwater observation anytime, anywhere

Fishing and aquaculture observation on the shore, underwater photography With a set of underwater observation equipment anytime and anywhere, you can get underwater pictures without going into the water yourself. It adopts a highly integrated design and focuses on the use experience. It can be equipped with a 4-meter retractable hand-held pole, which is a necessary camera for every underwater shooting enthusiast.




When does the camera need to be charged?

When the battery indicator light (blue light) shows one grid, it is recommended to charge at this time. After the power is turned on, the charging indicator light is red. When the charging indicator light turns green, it means the battery is full.

How to enable the camera?

Turn on the controller switch and the power indicator lights up. Open the "robofi wireless app" and use a scan or manual connection. Click the manual connection, select WiFi "robotfish-hw", click the connection, input the password "67722128", and the WiFi indicator on the controller lights up, which means the connection is successful. You can enter the shooting mode, and click the recording button to start the recording.

How to clean the camera?

After use in sea water, it is necessary to wash the camera and cable with clean water and dry them with a rag before storage. After use in fresh water, dry with a rag and store.

Which phones can I connect to?

At present, APP only supports Android system, and all Android smart phones can be used. App suitable for Apple system will be launched soon. Please look forward to it.

Use the browser to scan the following QR code to download the software:


What are the precautions for product use?

(1) The camera lens is made of glass, which is easy to break and avoid collision during use;

(2) The waterproof grade of the controller is ip24, which can prevent splashing water, but can not be soaked;

(3) The battery of the controller is lithium battery. If it is not used for a long time, it needs to be charged once a month to avoid battery damage caused by excessive discharge.

What is the warranty period?

The whole machine is guaranteed for one year.

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