LBF-300A Underwater Robot

LBF-300A is a cable controlled underwater detection equipment specially used for strong current waters. Special protection frame is added to enhance the impact resistance of the equipment. Special large-scale propeller, with large thrust and strong anti current capability.


Strong resistance to current: equipped with 2 front and rear large thrust thrusters, with strong dynamic performance, which can adapt to strong current operation environment.

Real time transmission: 1080p HD video real-time return, synchronous display of water depth, temperature, speed, heading and other information.

Strong expansibility: it can expand and carry functional equipment such as mechanical arm, USBL, imaging sonar, and improve the underwater operation ability of the equipment.

Technical parameter

Working environment: 150m underwater (customized to 300m)

Weight: 19kg (submersible)

Size: 535mmx402mmx402mm (submersible)

Thrusters: 2 horizontal, 2 vertical, front thrust 16kgf, vertical thrust 3kgf

Standard sensor: temperature, pressure, humidity, compass

Automatic function: automatic depth setting, automatic navigation setting and automatic speed setting

Supporting equipment: 150m winch (customized to 200m), ground control base station

Optional configuration: manipulator, imaging sonar, multi parameter water quality sensor, USBL, laser scale unit, etc


LBF-300A underwater robot is a kind of real-time control underwater robot, which is dedicated to the strong current waters. It can complete the underwater work tasks such as marine ranch investigation, safety inspection of hydropower and nuclear power, underwater safety inspection, etc.




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