Framework ROV

Framework ROV (LBF-300B) is the first 300m underwater detection equipment of robofi. The function is upgraded comprehensively, and the interface of external equipment is reserved, which is convenient to integrate other supporting software and hardware required by customers.


Vector propulsion: equipped with 5 high-power thrusters, with strong power performance, it can realize all-round vector movement, underwater.

Real time transmission: 1080p HD video real-time return, synchronous display of water depth, temperature, speed, heading and other information.

Strong expansibility: it can expand and carry functional equipment such as mechanical arm, USBL, imaging sonar, and improve the underwater operation ability of the equipment.

Technical parameter

Working environment: 300m underwater

Weight: 60kg (submersible)

Size: 850mmx510mmx500mm (submersible)

Hydrostatic speed: 3 knots

Thrusters: 4 horizontal, 1 vertical, 16kgf forward thrust, 8kgf vertical thrust

Sensor: temperature, pressure, humidity, compass

Automatic function: automatic depth setting, automatic navigation setting and automatic speed setting

Supporting equipment: 300m winch, ground control base station

Optional configuration: manipulator, imaging sonar, multi parameter water quality sensor, USBL, laser scale unit, etc


Framework ROV is a real-time operation level underwater robot, which can complete the underwater operation tasks such as marine ranch investigation, safety inspection of hydropower and nuclear power, underwater safety inspection, etc.

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