Five axis mechanical arm

The five axis manipulator has multi-directional joint points, which can realize multi angle and large range of complex mechanical actions independently, and is suitable for all kinds of marine engineering and port engineering

Technical parameter

Shoulder twist: 120 °; shoulder lift: 90 °            

Elbow bend: 132 °; cutter rotation: continuous            

Clamp opening and closing: maximum 125cm            

Extension length: 640mm (from shoulder to clamp)            

Lifting weight: when the current is 0.5A, the overall station section will increase 10kg            

Clamp rotation torque: when the current is 2a, > 10nm

Clamp closing force: when the current is 2a, > 50kg            

Clamp rotation speed: 24VDC, 60rpm            

Weight: (air filled: 12kg in air, 3.2kg in fresh water) (oil filled: 25.8kg in air, 15.8kg in fresh water)            

Power supply: 20-28vdc; 100-240Vac            

Working depth: 300m (filled with air); 300m (filled with oil)


Widely used in various marine engineering and port engineering

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